Sustainable Silverton recognizes the imperative to respond to the changing climate as an unparalleled creative opportunity — to enhance our community’s resilience and self-reliance, support our local economy and create quality local jobs, improve health and livability. We act to support planet-friendly choices that improve and safeguard our community for current and future Silvertonians.


Sustainable Silverton envisions our town as strong and healthy, active and vibrant, prepared and resilient, for generations to come.

Make a Difference Week!

June 4-11, 2022 9am - 12pm

On Saturday, June4, 2022, meet at the fountain
in Coolidge-McClaine Park at 9 am

How can you make a difference in the Willamette Valley? Help us remove invasive ivy from the trees. A simple job, it only requires hand tools like pruning saws and clippers or loppers to sever the stems near ground level. The vines get left in the trees. Wear long pants and long sleeves because there is some poison oak in the woods. Bring a water bottle, gloves and your cutting tool of choice! We will talk about invasive species, why they matter and how their removal will help the habitat in Silverton. You'll also learn how to identify ivy, holly, and poison oak.

To register - just show up Saturday June 4 with your clipper, lopper, and/or pruning saws. If you have questions, please email Eric Hammond at onlygrowinthesun@gmail.com. For additional information on this event, visit the SER website: Find Restoration Events - Make a Difference Week

The PGE Renewable Development Fund awards grants for clean energy projects in the community. These are funded by PGE customers who choose Green Future renewable energy programs.