Sustainable Silverton recognizes the imperative to respond to the changing climate as an unparalleled creative opportunity — to enhance our community’s resilience and self-reliance, support our local economy and create quality local jobs, improve health and livability. We act to support planet-friendly choices that improve and safeguard our community for current and future Silvertonians.


Sustainable Silverton envisions our town as strong and healthy, active and vibrant, prepared and resilient, for generations to come.


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Updated EarthWISE Holiday Guide

Check out Marion County's great suggestions

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Scroll to the end for sustainable wrapping tips and disposal guide.


and BRING Recycling's Etsy Shop

(recycled and upcycled goods)

(Refer to our November issue for additional highlights on BRING Recycling!)

Save the Dates:

16 Dec 2022 Silverton Food Coop - Holiday Food Pop-up

Silverton Grange 5-7 PM