Silverton neighborhoods are being asked to join with 100,000 million people in 2000 cities and 46 countries throughout the world to park their cars and enjoy “Car Free Day” on September 22. It is an opportunity to reflect on what our city would look like with a lot fewer cars, less traffic congestion, and lower gasoline demand.

What is Car Free Day? Car Free Day is a free international event celebrated every September 22 in which people are encouraged to get around without driving alone in cars and instead ride a train, bus, bicycle, carpool, vanpool, subway, or walk. For those that have the ability to work from home, telework also counts. It’s a simple concept … just leave your car at home and choose an alternative. You can let us know you are on the team by emailing or taking our survey.

We feel that Car Free Day aligns with what our community values, and a sense of working to build a resilient and sustainable place for our families to thrive. By hosting this event, we believe that the 'car free' vision can be experienced in neighborhoods throughout Silverton and provide more more opportunities for community building.

Silverton Repair Fair on September 23rd Mark your calendars! 2:00 to 7:00 pm

Location: Pavilion, Coolidge Park, Silverton Sponsored by Silverton Sustainable Coalition, Silver Falls Library & Marion County Environmental Services. Interested in attending or repairing? Let us know by contacting Don’t throw away those items that need small repairs! See if the “fix-berts” can fix it right there on the spot, while you learn more about small repairs, too!

  • Electronics

  • Bicycles

  • Electrical

  • Clothing

No cost, but no guarantees your item can be fixed.

Marion County News

Great news from Rachel VanWoert, Marion County Waste Reduction Coordinator, that the Master Recycler program will have a new name and will begin again in Fall 2021. The classes will be free, will have broader materials management, will be taught in Spanish and possibly Russian, and are coming to communities throughout Marion County! A food waste reduction program in Woodburn has diverted 6000 tons of food from the landfill. In September, Earthwise will have $100,000 available in grants for materials management and they are expecting this to be an annual program.

Garden Plots available at the Oregon Garden

The Vegetable garden (formely called “Market Garden”) at the Oregon Garden is now being managed by the Silverton Senior Center. 10 ft. x 10 ft. garden plots are available to “rent” for only $10 and that cost includes water. The only requirement is that you donate 4 hours of your time to the Oregon Garden. To fill out an application, please contact Dodie at the Senior Center at (503) 873-3093 or by email at: In addition, volunteers are needed to weed at the vegetable garden! Please contact Veggie Garden manager, Jim Wilson, at JIMILAGRO@GMAIL. COM.


Our successful BEYOND BINS BINGO program is wrapping up for 2021 season. Final winners were chosen this week.

SPECIAL NOTE: Starting with the August 7th Farmer’s Market, Sustainable Silverton will only be at the Farmer’s Market on the first Saturday of each month to collect your recyclables. See you soon!

Beyond Bins BINGO winners!

Congratulations to our youngest winnders, Taylor and Tanner for winning a gift certificate for 2 circuit board picture frames and an Explore kitchen towel from Apples to Oranges

Beyond Bins BINGO winners!

Congratulations to Jo Aerne for winning a gift certificate from Butte Creek Computer Services for a 1-hour computer service

Sustainable Silverton is very appreciative of the businesses that donated products or services for our BEYOND BINS BINGO program to help promote sustainability city-wide.

We give special thanks to:

  • Abiqua Landscape Products

  • Apples to Oranges

  • Art & Frame

  • Books N Time

  • Butte Creek Computer Services

  • Daylight Vintage

  • Fin & Fowl Kitchen

  • Finds that Shine

  • Gear Up Coffee

  • Les Schwab Tires

  • Lunaria Gallery

  • Mary Kay

  • Opaline Salon

  • Roth’s Fresh Markets

  • Shayla Lynn Jewelry

  • Silver Creek Clogging

  • Silverton Farmer’s Market

  • Silverton Grange #748

  • Silverton Senior Center

  • Stamen and Pistil

VOLUNTEER CORNER Many thanks to our July Beyond Bins Bingo hosts and our styrofoam drivers. We can’t do this work without your help

July Booth Volunteers Joe Craig, Steve Slemenda, Michael Finklestein, Annie Karlson Becky Hillwig, Elyce Hues, Kelley Morehouse

Recycling Drivers Steve Slemenda, Drew Scamahorn

We would also like to mention those volunteers working behind the scenes.

  • Website development: Mike Ashland

  • Newsletter: Teresa Foster

  • Technology support: Darrel Smith

Thank you to all volunteers. If you’d like to find out more about our volunteer opportunities, please stop by our booth at the Silverton Farmer’s Market or email us at: