Urban Natural Resources

Silverton’s urban forest improves quality of life by providing clean air and water for residents, visitors, and future generations. Urban forestry is the care and management of trees in an urban environment. The trees that line Silverton streets, shade parks and trails, and beautify neighborhoods help make Silverton the Garden City of Oregon.

Three Main Goals for those interested in volunteering

1. Participate in the development and completion of on-going activities for the community in order to raise awareness of our urban natural resources, such as green spaces, and water systems (natural habitats, the wetlands of Webb Lake), Oregon Gardens, Silver Falls Park.

May 21st Intercontinental Migratory Bird Walk at the end of collaborating with Audubon and the Oregon Gardens

Recruit volunteers for each activity, depending on interest.

Recruit Action Team leader and members.

Involve knowledgeable community members for their expertise.

Collaborate with other nonprofits:, Audubon, Ore. Garden, Silverton Grange

Future Themes for Nature Walks or hands-on activities:

  • Eco-systems: the work of trees, biodiversity

  • Eco-Benefits: biological benefits, bees to blueberries or you don’t get to eat.

  • Working Together: a collective need to preserve urban natural resources

2. Inform ourselves / align with the State Plan for Land Management, and therefore, the cities plan, which includes community spaces, i.e.. Green Spaces.

  • Planting native trees, cleaning debris near the waterways, create awareness of the need for more recreational areas for nature walks, etc.

3. Continuing to inform ourselves and support with the Pudding River Watershed Council as we have been doing. Stay informed of their work and progress. Support their goals when possible.

  • Educate ourselves on the Silverton Area Water Systems

To inquire about Volunteer opportunities Contact Kelly Vie Email: <kelley.morehouse@gmail.com>