June 2023 * No 17

Dear Sustainable Silverton supporters,

 Hello Summer! 

In this issue . . .

1) IMPORTANT UPDATE on Styrofoam Recycling

2) Oregon Legislature passes ban on styrofoam food containers

3) BOTTLE DROP Fundraiser


5) Earth Day events a huge success

6) Electrify Now - Take advantage of incentives to electrify!

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Thanks to our MAY 2023 Farmers Market volunteers 

Booth Volunteers: Diana Penley, Kelley Morehouse, Driver: Joe Craig


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♻  Recycling Corner 

Important Update on Styrofoam Recycling

After the Saturday, June, 3 Farmers Market, Sustainable Silverton will no longer be accepting Styrofoam.

This decision wasn’t easy to make and we had given it a lot of thought.

We even approached City Council and Republic Services to see if they could

collect styrofoam but It turns out it would be cost-prohibitive.

The good news is, there are two organizations that are collecting styrofoam.

One is in Salem and the other in Tigard

1st option:

Fresh Start Coffee Shop

3020 Center St NE,

Salem, OR 97301

Open 7-5pm M-F (bins by parking lot) - closed on holidays


WEBSITE: https://www.co.marion.or.us/PW/ES/disposal/programs/recycling/Pages/styrofoam.aspx

Not Accepted

Drop off your styrofoam any Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. While you are there, pick up a cup of coffee and a sandwich. The Fresh Start Market has lots of great handmade items that make perfect gifts!

They accept clean (no stickers or tape) styrofoam that snaps when folded. Colored foam is ok too, but not if it bends without snapping. Construction related foam & foam that bends without snapping is not able to be recycled. Meat trays, egg cartons, coffee cups & takeout containers are not able to be recycled.

The Fresh Start Market does not accept styrofoam peanuts, but most mailing stores accept them for free if they are clean and dry. For a complete list, type in the word "peanuts" in our recycling guide.

This free service is provided as a community service. Please consider making a donation or helping to support the Fresh Start Market by purchasing a plant or some other item. Businesses can also participate, but they will be charged a small fee and they must make prior arrangements. For details, businesses should call (503) 588-5324.

2nd option:


13240 SW Wall St.

Tigard, OR 97223

(easy access off of I-5)

When you arrive, follow the green signs to the back of the building where you will find the drop-off area.

 Open 24/7


Please be sure to read the list of accepted products in the link below. 

Accepted Polystyrene Products  or download here:

Oregon Legislature passes ban on foam food containers

Senate Bill 543 forces restaurants to scrap Styrofoam by 2025

Link to Article

Help us with our ongoing fundraiser!

Pick up a Blue Bag from Little Leaf Coffee

by Karen Garst


Oregon is unique. We were one of the first to have deposits on cans. 

Now, a non-profit, like Sustainable Silverton, can collect money from them. We have purchased blue bags with a scan code for Sustainable Silverton. You fill the blue bag with redeemable cans and bottles. Take it to the redemption center at the north end of the parking lot of Roth's, scan the code, the door opens, you put it inside and poof! we get the credit. 

Mersadee, the owner of Little Leaf Cafe on Main Street, has agreed to let us put a notice and a cache of blue bags in her cafe. They are in a glass container just to the left on the counter when you walk in. I will stop by and refill it once a week. If they go fast, I'll just get more ready! 

Let's get started! Thank you so much for considering doing this for us.



Removing invasive plants was a huge success!

Maybe you are thinking about what you can do NOW in your own home to reduce your use of fossil fuels. Maybe you have heard about the substantial NEW tax incentives for making energy-efficient upgrades to your home. Maybe you are ready to take the NEXT step and could use some guidance.