Land Use and Transportation

Transportation Action Team

We are working to make Silverton more livable by promoting walking, biking and use of public transit. We encourage the transition to hybrid or plug-in electric single-occupancy vehicles, to reduce the environmental impact of our current fossil fuel reliant transportation system.

We collaborate with government agencies, organizations and individual volunteers. We meet regularly, share volunteers, support each other’s events, and work on joint projects.

VISION: Silverton’s transportation system includes sustainable transportation modes that include safe roads, safe bicycle lanes and paths, safe sidewalks and crosswalks, unimpaired signage, and a regional transportation system that includes sustainable transportation modes for people and goods.


Thanks to everyone who went “CAR FREE” on Wednesday, September 22.

  1. Here are the successes from Silverton’s first-ever Car Free Day:

  2. The City of Silverton issued a proclamation endorsing our efforts.

We raised awareness about the importance of alternative modes of transportation to enhance the quality of our community.

In addition, local businesses supported our efforts by allowing us to place flyers in their windows. We thank them for their support!

What improvements would you like to see to make it easier to use alternative transportation?

Please reach out to us at with your ideas for Car Free Day day 2022.

Successes so far

crosswalk at Hobart

bike lane on McClaine Street

Other Projects

Member, Silverton Transportation Planning Committee

Contributing author, Silverton Energy Plan

Advocacy for bike and walking trails to schools and parks

Slow Your Roll campaign

Helpful links:

Friends of Eastside Trails -

CONTACT; Charles Baldwin, (530) 368-0800,

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