Consumption and Waste

Previous Successes:

June 2020 - present, styrofoam collection at the Farmer's Market (collecting two-four truckloads a month)

Volunteer involvement at the Farmer's Market, drivers & informational hosts at the table

Volunteer web-site development, Mike Ashland for initial development

Collaboration with Marion County's Master Recyling Program, promoting best practices for recycling, engaging knowledgable volunteers at our table

Winter 2021-Volunteer local arborist collaborates with us at the Farmer's Market, for a free-baby-oak's give-away after the February 12th Ice Storm. He also worked with the Silverton School District and organized a community "Tree Planting" event at Mark Twain School

Spring 2021- Beyond Bins Community Initiative, to promote awareness of what we already do to promote a healthy environment, to involve businesses in an collaborative effort to be involved with local, eco-friendly products, and also to reward community participation in the Beyond Bins Bingo activity, by their donation of gifts.

Summer 2021 - Community Survey to engage Silvertonians in conversation regarding environmental "quality of life" concerns in Silverton.

Summer 2021- Volunteer for Web-site Development, continued by Darrel Smith, includes City Energy Goals and documents, and energy data and articles.

Fall 2021 - Volunteer for Informational Newsletter, with a graphic artist background and a Sustainability Master's Degree.

Winter 2022 - A Willamette University Intern, collecting data from surveys and connecting volunteers with community projects through SSCoalition, researching regional resources to inform community.

Winter 2022 -Collaboration with the Pudding River Watershed Council at the Farmer's Market for a "Native Plant Give-Away" Over two-hundred shrubs and trees were donated to the community.

Spring 2022- 200 Native Plants "Give Away", Dogwood & Salmon Berry plants donated by Pudding River River at the Farmer's Market.

Helpful links:

Marion County Recycling Guide:

Sustainable Silverton Projects:

Farmer's Market recycling (update) We continue to take on the first Saturday of the Month the following:

To recycle into other products

  • White Block Styrofoam, not with heavy glue, or dirty. Please remove cardboard and tape.

  • All Number 6 plastics (oyster shells type, mushroom containers, coffee lids, clear plastic silverware, see our photos at the booth for all number 6).

To collect for other local recycling locations

  • batteries (in sandwich zip-lock bags)

  • ink cartridges

  • No yogurt containers (as of yet)

To redistribute to local businesses

  • 4-5" planting pots

  • 1 gallon planting pots

  • peanut packaging

  • egg cartons

***New items: mailed to Terracycle Company to recycle

  • A community volunteer is offering to send the following items to Terracycle, who recycles them. A small donation will be appreciated for the cost of shipping. See the newsletter on the website for complete details or stop by the booth with questions.

  • Wax Cartons, with or without caps: cleaned, dried, flattened

  • used pens, markers, glue sticks, water-color paint sets --any brand

  • razors --any brand, including packaging

  • Bert's Bee products

The Farmer's Market:

Held every Saturday year-round, minus major holidays.

The Winter Location: held indoors at the Friend's Church, Eureka Street, in Silverton, November through April. Hours: 10:00-12:30pm

The Spring/Summer/Fall Location: held in the outdoor parking lot of the Methodist Church on Main Street, May-October 9:00-1pm

Stop by the booth to ask questions about other recyclable items, such as electronics, and find out other upcoming events sponsored by the Sustainable Silverton Coalition, working towards a healthy community.

Volunteers are welcome and needed at this booth until we find a better solution for recycling material! Please let the folks at the table know if and when you are available. We would greatly appreciate help at the booth and have a better resource list of drivers.

Contact Action Team Leader: Kelley Morehouse for more information on Reuse, Repair, Recycle and volunteering! email