Food and Agriculture

Goal #1: Support and deliver educational efforts related to local food production, purchasing options, meal planning options, personal home gardens, and local food production.


  • Create and update a website page of links to local (within 10 miles) food producers

  • Create and update a website page of links to farmers markets and local (within 10 miles) farm-stands

  • work with partners to offer an updated collection of seasonal meal planning options

  • work with partners to promote local events related to home gardening and local food sales

Goal #2: Actively work with individuals, groups, and organizations to support their participation in growing, harvesting, gleaning, and sharing home-grown food and food from local producers.


  • Create/participate in food harvesting (gleaning) networks

  • Sponsor food preparation classes and events

  • create a home garden consulting team to advise residents on creating a home garden

  • work with the City to help residents to protect home gardens from deer

Goal #3: Work with local partners to improve access to information and resources.

Potential partners:

  • Silverton Grange

  • City of Silverton

  • The Oregon Garden

  • Silverton Garden Club

  • Marion County

  • Silver Falls School District


  • Maintain communication with each partner at least monthly

  • Assist citizen efforts to implement City development codes that support edible landscapes and home gardening.

  • Assist citizen efforts to implement County policies that support local food production, sales, and use

  • Support SFSD in efforts to obtain food service supplies locally and to establish and maintain school gardens

Helpful Links:

Local Harvest:

Olde Moon Farm

Diggin' Roots,

salmon shares,

goat herd shares - goat milk and goat cheese (RKS farms)