Mid-Winter 2022 * No 8

New Items accepted for recycling!

Meagan Griffin, a community member, will be recycling cartons at our first Saturday of the month Recycle booth at the Farmer's market. This includes soup stock, oat and nut milks, half and half, milk, and juice box cartons.

Cartons must be:

* Clean

* Dry

* Flattened

* Caps on (if you have them)

* Keep straws in the package (juice boxes)

Meagan will send these cartons to the Carton Council Recycle location. Thank you!

**Please sign the Carton Council petition to show your support for carton recycling.

In addition, Sustainable Silverton will be begin collecting the following items at the February 5th Farmers Market:

Please make a small donation to cover the costs of recycling these new items

Plant Giveaway a huge success!

Thanks to Pudding River Watershed Council (PRWC) for kindly donating over a hundred trees and shrubs to our community. This is the fifth year that PRWC has given away plants and it is a wonderful way to build connections and good will. Please consider donating to their organization.

I spoke with Alyssa Burge, who took home the remaining trees (at least 30). Word got out that she needed help planting them and a village of people showed up to plant them all. Burge was especially appreciative to receive these trees.

Holiday Book drawing

Congratulations to Carrie Hawes who won the drawing for the book, Cradle to Cradle. Thanks to all for participating in this fun giveaway!

Book Summary: Instead of cradle-to-grave manufacturing (think "landfill"), the authors envision "cradle-to-cradle" manufacturing, where products that have reached the end of their useful life can be reused to make new products. This is the ultimate in zero waste.